ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released: enhanced forms, SmartArt, new security settings, Watch Window, and more
ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Text field problem in editable pdf version

I don’t understand why when I insert a text field in a form and then save the document as a PDF, the text field is fixed and does not automatically adapt to the length of the entered text. However, in the field settings, the “fixed field” box is not checked.
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Hello @doruet
To be honest, I’m not sure that I understand the issue right. I’ve checked mentioned scenario on my v.7.2.2 test Document server and all things seem OK:Monosnap
Please provide us with details (you can record a videofile), also let us know your Document server version.

I created a form and saved it as a PDF. But when I want to fill it in, the text fields don’t fit the text. The text field is limited to about 15 characters when I want it to adapt to the length of the text. Here is my example. Thanks for your help.essai
To save, I go through “File”, “save as” and select PDF. I don’t have an icon to save as a PDF.

I use this version of OnlyOffice

Please note that pdf file is the final output result in .docxf > .oform > pdf chain. The mentioned ‘fixed size field’ feature works in .docxf and .oform file formats. The pdf format doesn’t include changing the mentioned field in this scenario.
Useful links: Create fillable forms - ONLYOFFICE
Filling Out a Form - ONLYOFFICE
I believe your users have to fill out .oform files in such scenarios.
By the way, we have released v.7.3, please update your app.

If I understand correctly, you must necessarily fill in the form in oform format, therefore, necessarily with onlyoffice?
I thought that we could distribute the form in PDF format to facilitate the filling of the document, as with Adobe for example.
Thanks a lot.

We are going to re-check the situation. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hello @doruet
We have rechecked the situation. Unfortunately, there’s no way to change text field size in the final pdf file.
Please accept our apologies.