Text background in docx is saved as image after PDF conversion

Document Server version: 7.1.1 docker

I’m facing an issue when converting a docx file to pdf - the docx file has a background pasted in the head of the page (the letter form with address etc. in this case). This background contains mainly text and vector-based logos.
After conversion to pdf (download as pdf in ONLYOFFICE or convert via API call), all that background gets converted to an image apparently, which causes artefacts when zooming in or printing. Zooming into the docx is fine though.

Example on heavy zoom:

pdf from ONLYOFFICE:

When I do the same with Word (open docx and export as pdf), the pdf looks sharp.

Also, the pdf created by Word is way smaller than the one created by ONLYOFFICE (167 kB vs. 415 kB).

Are there any settings to optimize the pdf export in document server?
I can provide the full example files if useful, I just can’t paste them here in public (but e. g. send via mail).

Thanks in advance!

Hello @ips-ad
Recently we released Document server v.7.2. Could you please update your installation and re-check the situation? If issue still persists, you can contact me via PM and provide an example of file where the issue reproduces and compare screenshots (MS Word\ONLYOFFICE results).

Thank you for the fast response, and sorry I missed v.7.2! I updated this morning and checked again, but the behavior is still the same. I’ll send you a link to the examples via PM :slight_smile:

Thank you for provided files. We have added the described situation to known bug (internal number - 40105). We are working on it already.