Tabulator not working for header and footer in a new document

OS version: Windows 10 22H2
App version: Onlyoffice Desktop Editors (x64)

This seems to only happen in a new documents.

  • Create a document
  • Enter edit mode for footer or header
  • hit tab

The tabulator jump is not shown, nothing seems to happen.
Changing the tab markers on the ruler will fix this, in other words, the tab jumps will suddenly be visible (also previously entered tabs will be shown)

This is no “game breaking” bug, but as long as you don’t manually set a break point on the ruler, entering tabs in the header of footer will not work.

Older documents I tested seem to work (created with MS Word), even if there was no tab point set in the header or footer. (no 100% proof)
Existing documents with a defined header and defined tab stops are working fine.

Hello @ovski

We are taking closer look at this description. I will keep you posted about the results.