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Table template and currency cell format

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When I apply a currency format on a table cell that is using template format, it overrides cell background color.
I’ve not tested in other situations
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version
Type of installation of the Document Server: flatpak
OS: Arcolinux

Hello @bjnobre

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. Can you provide more details on how to? A video demo would be perfect.

By the way, maybe I’m misunderstanding but what do you mean by template format? Is it about formatting presets, e.g. Neutral, Bad, Good, from the Home tab?

Hello! I could’nt reproduce it this time. I was working on a xlsx file and tried another one and it did’nt happen again. I also tried on a ods file created on onlyoffice, but this time I’ve got no problems.

About template format, I meant format as table template command.

Thank U!!!

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We are glad to know that issue has disappeared. However, please contact us if you face it again. We will need a video file with usage scenario from your side.