Table of Authorities


Goal: I’ve been checking out OnlyOffice and really like it so far. However, I haven’t really found a way to generate a table of authorities for legal papers. Is there a way to generate these in OnlyOffice? If not is there any hope of adding this ability? If I can find a way to generate them I would ditch Word for OnlyOffice.

Problem: As I pursue my paralegal studies it’s really important that I follow proper drafting. While I could create these tables manually, this opens up the door for error trying to keep track of case citations on pages for statutes, constitutional provisions, etc.

OS/Browser: Windows 11 using the Desktop version


cf. video showing what I’m referring to.

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hey @HolyFenrir :wave:


Thank you for providing detailed information about adding new functionality.
I appreciate your input.
I will consult with my colleagues to gather more insights, and I’ll get back to you with a response as soon as possible. :handshake:


Thank you for bringing up the request for “Table of Authorities” functionality in our editor.
Currently, this feature is not implemented in our editor.

Your request to add this functionality has been noted, and our development team will consider the possibility of incorporating it in future updates. We appreciate your feedback, and if you have any more suggestions or questions, feel free to let us know. We’re here to assist you!

Guys who are also interested in this functionality, please leave your comments under this post! :upside_down_face: