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Table Contents goes awry on low level numbered headings

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OS version: Win 10 Pro 22H2
App version: (x64 exe)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Hi Team,

This morning I applied a numbering scheme to the headings in my document, which worked really well :+1:

But when I looked at the Table of Contents, I was dismayed to see it fall apart after Heading 3.

I didn’t really need numbering at Headings 4 & 5, so I tweaked the setting to remove the numbering. I had to adjust the indent, as removing the numbers left a lot of white space where the number would have been, but that was easily fixed.
The indent remaining after the numbering was turned off may be a bug too, but the ToC is a bigger issue.

For illustrative purposes, I created a document with 5 numbered heading levels and a couple of paragraphs in each.


I’ve only shown Headings 3, 4, and 5 for relevance.

But the Table of Contents is where things really went awry.


The tabs stops of Headings 4 & 5 are inside the width of the text of the heading numbering so the tab character sends the heading to the page number tab stop instead.

I see that I can fix the tab stops, as there is no access to the underlying style for the ToC entries, as soon as the ToC is updated, the repairs are overwritten.

I suspect that Headings 6 through 9 are also similarly afflicted.

I’d hazard a guess that numbered headings beyond Heading 3 are pretty rare. But I seem to “push the envelope” occasionally.

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Hey @DavidRGreen

We managed to reproduce the issue.
I will notify you when I have something to share.
Thank you, I will keep you informed.

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Hi @DavidRGreen
I checked on the new version of the editor 7.4 (document server). The problem has been fixed.
Desktop Editor will be released soon. I will notify you when 7.4 is released :slight_smile:

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Good to hear :+1:
Doesn’t OO ping the server for updates on startup?
Since I’m using it every day, it will probably making suggestions along those lines too.
Thanks for the feedback & update.

oops, how did I not see that? :sweat_smile:

Of course, you will notice it.

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