Syncing problem

I was editing a test doc on my computer a week or so ago, and today when I went to edit it on my phone, it wasn’t available to me. Since I can’t find it in the settings, nor the help file, is there something I have to do to sync with the personal cloud aside from being logged in?

Describe the problem in a little more detail :upside_down_face:

Are you using ONLYOFFICE Personal?
Are you using connected third party storage?

Sorry, I suppose I forgot that, then again I was figuring there was a sync setting that I was missing somewhere. With that said, yeah, using OnlyOffice Personal, and the file in question is on my computer’s hard drive, and doesn’t seem to be syncing with the cloud.

Hi @Taur10
You can connect accounts to the ONLY OFFICE Documents.
The documents from accounts like google drive/dropbox/drive will be available for editing in ‘MyDocuments’ section.

You can also use Desktop ONLYOFFICE by connecting your ONLYOFFICE Personal to it.