Switch to modern gtk4 filepicker on gnome

OS version: Fedora Linux 39.20231205.0 (Silverblue) + gnome 45
App version: (flatpak)
Downloaded from: flathub


now after presing “save as” button, legacy gtk3 filepicker opens, with white theme, even if dark theme enebled in system settings and in onlyoffice settings

can you please switch to modern gtk4 filepicker, it should detect system theme authomaticaly

Hi @gmanka
Thanks for your suggestion :saluting_face:

We are checking the situation.
I will let you know when I get something.

Hello, @gmanka :santa:

We have registered your suggestion to update the file save window from gtk3 legacy to gtk4.

Unfortunately, there are no specific timelines for implementing this suggestion. Thank you for bringing attention to areas where our product can be improved. We appreciate your engagement in our community.

:snowflake: Best regards :snowflake: