Surplus CR when pasting shape

Report a bug.
OS version: Win 10 Pro 22H2
App version: (x64 exe)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Using Document writer function.

Hi Team,
Using small “Callout” shapes with text like “#1” to annotate an image pasted into the document.
Rather than creating a new callout, I copy the previous one, paste it back, and move into position, and amend the internal text. This is faster, keeps them consistent, and less effort :grinning:
Each time the aforementioned shape is pasted, a carriage return is inserted into the document. As the image has focus, the CR appears before the image appearing as a blank line.

Of course, afterwards, I just clean up by deleting all these unneeded lines. It is just an effect that I have not seen with other Word processors. And certainly not a “show-stopper”.

Hello @DavidRGreen

Could you please make a small video demonstration of the issue that you are facing for better visual understanding?
Additionally, if possible please prove a test file where this issue can be reproduced for analysis or provide a step-by-step scenario on how to reproduce it.
You can upload the references on any cloud storage and share a link to it.

Hi Constantine,

I don’t have any software for doing screen recording. The built-in software, some X-Box utility doesn’t want to work, so I’ll use a more elementary approach, 3 screen-shots.

The document I was working on quite large, 10MB of 38 pages, so I created a small single page to simulate.
I also turned on display hidden characters to better illustrate.

I was going to include 3 separate images, but when I tapped the reply button, the forum says, “New users only allowed 1 embedded image” :man_facepalming: So I had to stitch them into a single image;
Top is initial position,
Middle is Select and copy using Ctrl-C,
Bottom is paste using Ctrl-V.

Note the new CR that appears between the heading and the image.

… that’s it.

I don’t seem to be able to attach the sample document. This forum only allows the inclusion of image data.
But the sample is only Heading 1, Screen-shot, then Heading 4.

I hope this helps illustrate this “minor” issue.

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Thanks for the explanation, I was able to reproduce the issue.
We are checking it, I will update the thread once we get any results.

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I want to inform you that we have registered this issue in our internal tracker and started working on it.
Thank you for reporting.

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