Support of OnlyOffice on Andriod 12 Cell Phone

Hi - I downloaded OnlyOffice from the Google Play Store to try and test on my Moto 5G cell phone since i sometimes need to write when on the road. The unit is running Android 12.

The app seemed to load ok and I believe it had necessary permissions?

However, it did not recognize the cell phone’s keyboard and also did not accept voice dictation like some other similar apps.

Did I do something wrong, or is this app not supported on cell devices? As noted it loaded and some controls worked but no keyboard input.

Hello @DMK

Can you specify which keyboard you use on your device and version of it?

I’m using it on a cell device.

Android 12 / Motorola 5G Stylus / Stock on-screen keyboard which works fo rother things.

The app is working very weirdly.

When launched it will not accept keyboard or voice input.

However after I restart it 1-2 times or start a new documents then quite a few times, then it will start to accept keyboard and voice inout.

However you really need to go through this on-off start-stop ritual to make it work.

I have been looking for an app that would allow new documents, edits, or allowing me to print to a local printer and this one seems to check all the boxes.

Using it on a cell of course is not my daily expectation but a convenience.

Quite disappointed that I cannot launch and use as expected.

I have no issues with other apps that have a text feature such as e-mail, etc. It appears that the app also has all of its necessary permissions as well. I also uninstalled and reinstalled once just to be sure.

Can you specify where did you download the app and record a video demonstration of this issue? More precisely about the video, I’m referring to the scenario where you have to re-launch the app several times to make it work.