Suggestions for RTL languages

Hello. Thanks for supporting RTL languages. here is a problem. If you type space, number, or symbol the cursor would jump to the beginning of the sentence. video example below.

also, there is not “RTL” button to change direction of the document. here it is in MS Word.


Hello @TXuser

Please specify version of Desktop Editors that you are using and OS of your device. Additionally, please specify if you’ve tried enabling RTL interface in settings or not.

UPD: please let me know how to enable such buttons (Right-to-Left Text Direction) in named processor. It seems those are not available by default.

I have:
OnlyOffice 8.1.0
MacOS 12.7.4

I have not enabled RTL interface. The way I like to use it is English interface but ability to write Arabic (rtl) in the document itself.

I have no idea why you do not have them on by default but other word processors I downloaded have them without any interference from me. Here it is burried in TextEdit on MacOS.

here it is in LibreOffice


edit I want to post clarifying images but the forum limits me to 1 imbeded image

Thank you very much for your interest and for sharing the details, we have noted those. We are working on the RTL improvements, including additional parameters to set text direction.

Sorry for inconvenience caused.