Suggestion - Text editor - Allow to vertically center the content of a cell in a table

In LO or MSO, in the text editors, when you create a table, you have the possibility to choose the vertical position of the text in the cells of the table (top, middle or bottom).
I have not found this possibility in OO.
Is it possible to add it ?
Thanks a lot.

Hello @arcqus

You can rotate text to display it in needed direction: right-click on the cell of a table that you want to rotate > Text Direction > choose in which direction it should be displayed. There are three options available:

  1. Horizontal;
  2. Rotate Text Down;
  3. Rotate Text Up.

I hope it helps.

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Hello Constantine
Indeed, I was looking in the different menus but not in the right-click options !
Yes, that’s exactly what I wqs looking for !

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