[Suggestion]: Merge some forum tags

Currently, there are some tags that don’t seem to have a clear/intuitive difference and I’d like to propose that they are merged like so:

  • spreadsheet/spreadsheets → spreadsheets (rationale: same convention as presentations/documents)
  • suggestion/enhancement → suggestion (rationale: most used)
  • documents/text-documents → documents (rationale: for text-documents, 3 topics are about the document app, while the other one about file import, so they could be better characterized by the general “documents” tag)
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@jrom :wave:
Agreed, it’s a great idea.
I’d also like to improve the user-friendliness of tags!
We’ll consider your suggestion.


Done, now the tags specified by users will be merged and standardized as follows:
spreadsheet/spreadsheets → spreadsheets
suggestion/enhancement → suggestion