Suggestion : add a One Note equivalent to OO


One of the main thing keeping me on windows (after ditching MSO for OO 14 months ago) is a One-note substitute.
So far, no opensource software is doing the job : joplin is great but it is just a markdown editor, Trilium is no longer maintained.
Additionally, I think it would make perfect sens to add this app because:

  1. It is perfectly consistent with the rest of the product. After the PDF editor, why not a note taking app :slight_smile: ?
  2. I think it would be a way to attract new user to OO via the mobile “note taking” use-case
  3. I also think it would be a great addition for education users.

If other users of this forum are interested, I assume you can add a message bellow.
@OO guys, I’ll be glad if you could follow this “big” request to the sales or whoever it is relevant to :slight_smile: .

Have a good week-end !

Hello @arcqus
I remember this request from your other topic.
Unfortunately, as far as I can see, we haven’t received similar requests from other users. In the meantime, developing a OneNote equivalent would require a lot of resources for development and debugging processes.
My suggestion for now is contacting colleagues of mine at to discuss possible options.
Nevertheless, I’ll keep this thread open if there’re other similar requests.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @Alexandre

Yep, we discussed this in MP :slight_smile:

I did but I did not get any answer :frowning: , hence my post; to see if it would gather some attention here from other OO users.

Hello @arcqus
If it’s possible, please re-send your request to I do believe, you will get a response.
Meanwhile, let’s keep this thread open.