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Suggested feature for Zotero plugin

Hi everyone,
I am very new here and also quite new to ONLYOFFICE. But so far, I am very likely to stay with it. Coming from LibreOffice and academia, I work with Zotero as my reference management tool. In my daily writing, I am dependent on quickly adding references to my texts and creating bibliographies.
With LibreOffice and Zotero this was quite simple: You add a quote to your text, click a button, search for the reference in your Zotero database, add a page number if necessary, and the plugin automatically created an in-text citation field (i.e. (Orwell 1932, 232)).
When I am done writing and referencing, with another button I automatically add a full bibliography with all cited books, articles, etc. in the text above.

This makes my writing much smoother and quicker. But, I cannot find a similar plugin for ONLYOFFICE. The Zotero plugin only allows me to add full bibliographic data but no in-text references (as fields).

I thought to ask around here if anyone has a solution for this problem or if this is maybe already a work-in-progress in the plugin community.

All the best!

Hello @treert
Would you mind providing us with comparing videofile or screenshots between our editor and other one?
You can draw a scheme on screenshots to show us desired scenario.

The problem is, that you cann insert the reference automatically. What we’d like is to be able to seach, and then click “insert citation”, meaning for instance “bla bla bla.[3]” and then [3] would autimatically link to a point [3] in a bibliografy. The way things are working right now you have to manually type in a reference in the text that relates to the entry in the bibliography which renders the function rather useless for academic purposes IMHO. Google Docs has this function working perfectly :slight_smile:

Hello @Promptly9740
Would you mind providing us with details of desired behavior? It’s not clear for me at the moment.
You can search title and insert it as far as I see:Monosnap
If I misunderstood your request, please clarify it.

In your clip you’re only creating the bibliography, not the reference in the text.

Oh, now I see it. Thank you for the videofile!
We are checking the situation.

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Hello @Promptly9740
We have added your requested to internal tracksystem (internal number - 50849).
We are working on it.