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Styles in OnlyOffice other than paragraphs

Good afternoon,

I’m a long-time user of LibreOffice (since StarOffice actually) and am learning OnlyOffice.

Today I was trying to define a new style, “definition”, to be applied only to a sequence of selected characters and not an entire paragraph (in my example, the characters selected would be bolded, italicized and the colour changed).

However, I only seem to be able to create paragraph styles, and searching both generally and in these forums has not yielded a solution.

Can anyone help, please? Thanks in advance.

Hello @Bonzini
Please provide us with details. Do I understand it right that you are looking for a way to set different style (from style selection tab) to selected characters only? If it’s possible please provide us with screenshots or videofile where you are describing the desired scenario.
Also, if it’s possible, please point us to similar feature in other editor.

Hello @Alexandre,

You understand me correctly. For example, I might want to create a style for including program code fragments within regular paragraph text.

I’ve demonstrated how to do this with the screen shot below, from LibreOffice:

update 2022-08-02

Looking at my response above I feel it needs a bit more explaining… the panel on the right is the “styles” panel. You can see I’ve selected the second tab from the left, the first being paragraph styling, the second being character styling. I right-clicked on the Source Text style and selected modify, which brought up the Character Style: Source Text subwindow. There I’ve changed the font from Liberation Mono to Courier New, the font colour to a darkish green and the highlighting to a pale green.

I really like to use character styles when possible as they are 1) semantic and 2) easily changeable throughout the document just by modifying the style.

One thing in your question - “from style selection tab” - I guess this is where one should change it; maybe it’s necessary to have something similar to the tabs on the LIbreOffice styles pane to look at paragraph, character, page etc styles?

Anyway, thanks for your attention to this! The more I use OnlyOffice the more I like it.

Sorry for bothering you. I’m trying to reproduce your desired scenario step-by-step in LibreOffice to understand the feature. Could you please record a videofile where you are reproducing desired situation?