Strange issue - Lines becoming immutable

Not sure if this is me doing something dumb or if it is an OnlyOffice thing.

I am hosting the doc server locally using the official docker image. I have a minimal backend for accessing documents. The backend seems to sign JWT token fine, the documents open and I can edit them. I see that my write callback is called once (before being read with status 1) and when I close the document, the write callback is issued again with an URL to the document where my edits have reflected. For the editor I use the official react component (@onlyoffice/document-editor-react). I should add that my write callback always returns {error: 0} and doesn’t save the document, so when opening the key again its all borked, but thats to be expected.

The Issue
Everything works great, except…

When I edit the document and the document auto-saves, many if not most of the text rows I’ve written become immutable, i.e. I can no longer edit them. If I move my cursor up to them the entire menu goes gray and I cant type anything. There seems to be a correlation between line immutability and hovering the line with the mouse; on the immutable lines it says my collab name on the left hand side, on the once I can edit, it says nothing. So, my gut feeling is that it thinks I am logged in multiple times on the same document or something?

I dont see any access to my document server, or anything in the docker logs when the issue happens. Seems to be much more significant in strict mode than in fast mode? A bit unclear as to which lines are affected, but the most recent created?

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello @fiskaren

Can you please record a video demonstration of this behavior for visual reference?
Also provide version of Document Server.

In addition, please check if the same issue can be reproduced in integrated test example, just in case there is something wrong with installation in general. Open Document Server address in browser and follow the instruction on Welcome Page to enable test example first.

Hello Constantine and thank you for replying.

I have solved it :slight_smile:

Turns out that I had to include user: {…} in both the JWT token and the config passed to the react component. When I do that it seems to work just fine.

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That’s an interesting one. Anyway, I’m glad to hear that you’ve managed to solve the issue!