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Store onlyoffice files on s3

Hi there,

I am unsure what those CDN and static s3 connectors do. The documentation doesn’t explain it at all, unfortunately. Can you please explain?

What I want to do is instead of store the users files on disk, store them on the s3. So there should be no local files on the disk, and if only a very limited amount i.e. for caching purposes. can you tell me if those settings can do this and if not how to achieve this?

Hello @thursle
You used ‘Workspace’ tag to this post. Do I understand it right that your final goal is to switch default Workspace storage to Amazon one? If so, please take a look at this guide: Connecting third-party storages - ONLYOFFICE

If you use separate Document server, you can use s3 storage as cache storage, we have information about it here: Connecting Amazon S3 bucket as a cache to ONLYOFFICE Docs - ONLYOFFICE

Anyway, please clarify your request. Let us know the exact product which you use and difficulties which you faced.