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Status_info -81 in docservice 7.2

After upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2 in order to use zh-TW lang, using Docker-Docs git and start with docker-compose.
I’m seeing docservice output errors status_info = -81 after the example /editor loads the document.

Start receiveTask: docId = somedocid {"cmd":{"withAuthorization":true,"wopiParams":null,"c":"open","id":"somedocid","userid":"uid-1","format":"pptx","url":"","title":"139bb1e7-6d67-4cc4-80e3-2d9b445a5ffd.pptx","outputformat":8192,"outputpath":"Editor.bin","embeddedfonts":false,"status_info":-81,"lcid":1028,"nobase64":true,"convertToOrigin":".pdf.xps.oxps.djvu"}}

Is there a document about this status_info error code ?

Hello @shooding,
Unfortunately, we don’t have a documentation about these error codes.
Could you please provide both converter/out.log and docservice out.log so we could analyze the error?

Thanks i found the error code in constants.js

exports.CONVERT_DOWNLOAD = -81;
looks like the error means the converter container cannot download file from example container.

Turns out the server is using self-signed certificate, therefore i solve the issue by setting NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS environment variable and import the certificate to the converter.

Hello @shooding,
Glad to know you’ve managed to find the reason of the issue.