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Device: Dslide 1021 Danew
OS version: Android 11
App version:
Mode: Connect to Cloud / On Device
Browser version (for Web editors):2024-01-16T23:00:00Z

I loaded and installed Onlyoffice Documents on the device.
I opened the application, gave all autorisation to access files and required to open Sample Spreadsheets.xls. I only get the message “Ouverture en cours…” and after some time, the message :
“Documents Onlyoffice ne répond pas
x Fermer l’application
The same message appear with all other files xlsx or docx on the device.
Can you help me ?

Hello @Autnoru

First of all, I’d ask you to provide version of Mobile App that you are using - you can find it in Settings > About.

Additionally, please record a video demonstration of the issue for better visual understanding of it.

Hello Constantine,
I have’nt any more details in “About” :
Is-it more details about Android version you wish ?
As written above, it is Android 11
Security Android update on 5 september 2021
Google play system update on 1st october 2020
Version noyau 5.4.99 #2 Mon Oct 25 10:13:09 CST 2021
Build number : RP1A201005.006

When i require update system, after searching i get information that my device is updated !
Note that I installed and tried using Collabora Office on that device without any trouble.
Thank you for your collaboration.

I was referring to the Settings > About in ONLYOFFICE Documents Mobile App. Basically, I’d like to know version of application. By the way, is it possible to record demonstration?