Start/Stop Containers

Hello ,
I have runned onlyoffice linux version(Ubuntu) with shell file , after that 4 containers working

and once i stopped it , and run again
aftrer that i cannot reach to UI but containers still running .

Any Idieas please ?

Type “ip a” on the server to check the IP address and goto the ip address under your network device. It will be something like just type in the number except for /24. It is possible it changed.

Which ip addrs. did you mean ? this is my local ip addrs. others i don`t know , i think docker created virtually

Hello @habib
Please point me to the guide which you used for Workspace installation. Also please run docker ps -a and show us the output result.
Have you tried to open this server ip address\domain name from different PC?

Hi @Alexandre ,

  1. This instruction i used for installation
  2. Here docker containers
  3. I`m trying from onlyoffice host but , there is also nothing

Is there any error message in the browser when you are trying to open the portal via ip address\domain name?

I`m trying from onlyoffice host but , there is also nothing

Do you use desktop version of Ubuntu? I mean that usually we recommend using separate clean server for Workspace installation. It’s necessary to avoid dependencies and port conflicts.
Also please provide us with whole Community server logs folder. It’s located here: /app/onlyoffice/CommunityServer/logs/

1.There is a no any error in browsers just that my request can`t reach to server and browser saying no such server on check your proxy
2. Yes I am using Ubuntu desktop version 18.
3. That logs folder many log files which one i should share ?

Probably this is the issue. As I mentioned before, we recommend separate clean server.
Is the portal available via localhost (http://localhost)?
As for logs, it’s better to provide us with whole folder. If there’s sensitive data, you can contact me directly via PM.