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SSO with https errors

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Community Server/Control Panel version:
Type of installation of Workspace:docker
OS: Ubuntu 22.04
I tried to enable SSO in the control Pannel following the instruction
ONLYOFFICE Single Sign-on overview - ONLYOFFICE

  1. If enable the https access of the portal first, Generate New Self-Signed Certificate in the SP Certificates can’t been done successfully. with the error in /app/onlyoffice/ControlPanel/logs/web.controlpanel.-date-.log:
    error: http://onlyoffice-community-server/sso/generatecert Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0
  2. If disable the https access of the portal, self-signed certification of SP could be succeced, and Download SP metadata xml could work and SP metadata xml could be accessed.
    So, I want to enable SSO with https enable of the Portal, How to? Thanks.

Hello @moss_lang
Could you please reproduce the situation (scenario #1 in your description) and make screenshots (step-by-step)?
After that please provide us with whole Community server and Control Panel logs folders. They are located here:

You can place necessary files to any external storage and provide us with download link.

@moss_lang Is there any update you want to share? I think I have an alike problem. SAML - can't add certificate - #2 by vincx