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Ssl handshake error in onlyoffice android app


I have a problem connecting to our document server via the android app. When I try to connect to the portal, I get an error message in the app: “SSL handshake error”.

The server is community edition on Debian 10 with nginx. I’m using a trusted certificate, and I can load the site from any browser without any problem, this error only occurs in the mobile app.

Hello @Norbert
You are using Workspace portal, am I right? Please let us know component versions of your portal and ONLYOFFICE android app version.

Also please check your SSL certificate here: SSL Checker

Is there any issue?
Also please make a screenshot of an error.

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Hello, @Alexandre

Thank you for your reply and for pointing me in the right direction. I haven’t used the intermediate certificate from my certificate issuer, since most browsers doesn’t ask for it. Now that I’ve included it in my bundle cert I can log into my portal without any issue.

Thanks again!

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There I have similar problem.
Certs are created by XCA app. These certs works from browser (edge and chrome) on PC, browser on Android (chrome), only office app on PC. The same CA i use for VPN (both server and clients), Tapatalk server, Unifi.

When I try to connect by only office app on Android I got SSL handshake error both on app and in the log on haproxy on the front.

I do many tests with another test certs, another root CA (issued by XCA). Always the same. SSL handshake error.

Today I found only office projects app on Google Play. So I try it, and. With this app I successfully connect to server. There an app could open all my documents without problems. When I back to only office documents app I have connection to my server (magic!), I can connect open docs.

So, in my opinion, there is the bug - first validation of certificates should be corrected in only office app for Android.


Hello @macak_pl
This scenario looks odd. Please contact us if you face that issue again (you can write me in PM). Probably we will ask you to provide us with Community server logs and access to your portal to check the situation on the spot.