Spredsheet "simple" macro

Can anyone assist me with creating a macro assigned to a button?

I am coming over from MS Office where I had 2 macros assigned to two buttons, one deletes current row and the other one adds a row with all the properties (formulas) from the row above.
Since I’m not a programmer I achieved this by searching the web for solutions I could apply and found them. The same does not apply for Onlyoffice, can anyone assist?

I would like to use Onlyoffice exclusively and this is the only thing basically preventing me from doing so…

Hello @WTF
Could you please provide us with examples of your VBA codes of mentioned macros? We will take a look at it.
As for ‘assign macro to a button’ , unfortunately there’s no ready-to-go solution for you.

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Here are the scripts that were running

add new row with formulas from above:

Sub InsertRow3()
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Dim rw As Long, cl As Long
n = ActiveCell.Row
For cl = 1 To Columns.Count
If Cells(n + 1, cl).HasFormula Then
Cells(n + 1, cl).Copy Cells(n, cl)
End If
Cells(n, 1).Select
End Sub

delete row:

Sub deleteSelectedRow()
End Sub

Hello @WTF
Unfortunately, there’s no way to achieve your scenario at the moment since we don’t have necessary methods for spreadsheets (internal numbers - 51771 and 51537). We are still working on it. Probably mentioned methods will be added with v.7.1
Sorry for inconvenience.

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No problem, thank you for your response.