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Spreadsheets - Open last view doesn't work

Hey all,

I’d like to open the last view of my docs (spreadsheets) but always when I open a table I’m at the begining of the table in cell A1. So I have to scroll a long time to come to my last edit status.

What do I wrong? Or is it possible to change it in the options?

I work with Linux Mint, ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors Version (flatpack).

I’m looking forward to your answers.

Kind Regards

Hello @Patrick
I’ve tried to reproduce the situation, but without success. I used Linux Mint v.20.3 and the latest Desktop Editors app (flatpak). The scroll position is OK in my tests.
Could you please record a video file with your test and share your test file? Is the situation reproducing with all xlsx files?

Thank you @Alexandre Alexandre for your answer.
It’s not possible for me to record a video file. I deinstalled Onlyoffice and installed it again - same problem in all xlsx files. It’s not so It’s not that bad - I can live with it, I was just interested.

Probably I missed something in this test, video file would help me to understand that. Also, if it’s possible, please try to reproduce the situation with other Desktop Editors versions (snap, packages). Will the situation change with other versions?