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Spreadsheets. Incorrect formatting by the TEXT() function after reopening the file

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“Incorrect formatting by the TEXT() function after reopening the file.”

Creating a new file.
The numeric format is set in cell A1 (2 digits after the decimal point and the thousand separator).
I enter the value: “123 456,88”

The date format (ДД/ММ/ГГГГ for Russian regions) is set in cells A3 and A4.
I enter the value: 01.01.2023 (cell A3)
I enter the value: 08.02.2023 (cell A4)

In cell A7 I write the function:
=TEXT(a1;"# ###,00")
After pressing the “Enter” button, I get a correctly formatted text value in the cell: “123 456,88”

In cell A9 I write the function:
After pressing the “Enter” button, I get a correctly formatted text value in the cell: “01 января 2023 - 08 февраля 2023” (which means: 01 January 2023 - 08 February 2023)

Saving the file.
After opening:
In cell A7, the value is: “1 23,457”
In cell A9, the value: “ДД ММММ ГГГГ - ДД ММММ ГГГГ”

If I press the “F2” key in cell A7 and then “Enter”, the text in the cell returns to the correct form (“123 456,88”).
Similarly in cell A9. After “F2” & “Enter” the test is formatted correctly (“01 января 2023 - 08 февраля 2023”)

A few additions.

  1. Incorrect display of the formatted number was checked on onlyoffice desktop versions (my current version) and on versions 7.2.x. On the latest versions 7.1.x before 7.2.x after opening the saved file, the values of the numbers converted to text were correct.

  2. If you use US regional settings for the date and in formula A9 replace the format with =CONCATENATE(TEXT(A3;“DD MMMM YYYY”);" -";TEXT(A4;“DD MMMM YYYY”))
    After opening the file, the text value of the cell is correct. A string of values is shown, not a format. (“January 01, 2023 - February 08, 2023”)

I took several screenshots at different steps.

OS version: linux (RedOS 7.3)
App version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors версия
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE desktop - Latest update from the official repository

Hello @Alex2022
I’ve tried to reproduce the issue with your guide step by step, but I faced an issue with formula on A9 cell (#VALUE!). Probably I did something wrong.
Is it possible to provide us with test file, where the described issue reproduces?

Hi, Alexandre.




3 files with different languages of formulas and regional settings. For file with english regional settings - i select manual settings: decimal point: “,” thousand separator: " "

zip arhive:

Thank you for the files! We’re looking into it.

Hello @Alex2022
Sorry for the late reply.
We’ve checked the situation and we found a bug (internal track number - 59933). We are working on it already.
Thank you for valuable data!

Hello Alexandre!

Is there any news?

Today I installed onlyoffice desktop editors version There are no changes yet.

I also noticed that if after opening a previously saved file, filter out some column again, then the data is displayed in the correct format.

For example:

Hello @Alex2022
We are still working on the mentioned bug.
If I understand it right, your new test is related to TEXT function which we checked earlier. If so, I believe it’s related to the known bug. If I misunderstood the test scenario, please provide us with a sample and detailed description, we will check it out.

Hello Alexandre!

Yes, you’re right.

Ok, this way I suggest waiting for a fix for mentioned bug. I will update this thread when we have something to share.