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Spreadsheets: Filter not working past 10k lines

This most likely isn’t isolated to the DesktopEditors but I’m using it so I report the bug here.

No cell entries past line 10001 are shown in the filter input, so I can’t filter for anything past that point. Line 1 is a header and doesn’t count, so 10k lines seems to be the limit for filtering.



  1. Take a file with >10k lines where each line has different text.
  2. Enable filtering with the first row being the header.
  3. Try to filter for anything past 10k lines.

My real use case is a price list for SMC parts where 10k lines is about 1/4 of the file length.

v7.1.1.57 on Win10

Hello @Dromantor
Thank you for your description. We are checking the situation. I will notify you when we have something to share.

Hello @Dromantor
We have checked the situation. It is the same behaviour as in MS Excel. There is restriction on 10’000 lines for filter checks. We have added a bug to internal tracksystem (internal number - 58388), we are going to add notification about this behaviour.