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Spreadsheets, Filter Data - deselect all items by one touch


ONLYOFFICE Mobile: Documents
I want to: Suggest a feature
Subject: Spreadsheets, Filter Data
Step 1: To enable a filter. That’s done.
Step 2: To apply a filter. This is about.
With a smartphone/tablet it is hard to deselect more than five items on the list.
Please add a possibility to hide all data by one touch. Than it is more easy and faster to select the desired single item.
For example, modify the “Select all” button to toggle select all <> deselect all.
Thanks for ONLYOFFICE. :slight_smile:
Kind regards.

App version: 7.3.1 (880)
Converter: 880
Device model: iPad (6th generation)
iOS Version: 16.5
Mode: Connect to Cloud (Nextcloud)

Hello @Karsten

Thank you for the suggestion. We will take a closer look at it and I will inform you about the result.

We have registered this behavior in our internal tracker. This will be changed in one of the future releases of Mobile App. Thank you for submitting it.