Spreadsheet - When pasting after cutting, add the possibility to choose the "pasting option"

In Spreadsheet, when you paste after having done “copy”, once you pasted you can choose the pasting option (value, formulas, formating, formulas +formating, etc).
However, when you paste some content after having cut it (for instance in the same file), you don’t have the pasting option.
Is it possible to add it ?

Good question. I guess that’s not trivial task, not sure if it is fully implemented in any spreadsheet software.


Interestingly, after a “Cut” to the clipboard, MS Excel offers no options other than “Paste” which “moves” the cell contents and to maintain a calculated result.

Libre Calc does however offer some options;

@DavidRGreen ,
Google Sheets also suggests Paste Special after the Cut. However, if we paste only value or some property, the rest will be kept in the source cell. Other words, source cell is not emptied from value and all properties.

I will let you know when I get something. :ok_hand:

hey @arcqus
We have registered your suggestion to add the ability for special paste after the ‘Cut’ action.

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