Spreadsheet vs excel

Ok, i have a important question that determines if i can make the switch to only office or not.

I am an aerospace engineer and biomedical engineer. I use excel alot for numerical methods. I need to make sure that the onlyoffice spreadsheet uses the same syntax and can do the same things as excel without any work arounds?

for example, i use the solver in excel alot because it can hanlde non linear systems.

libre office and open office, Solver function does not handle non-linear systems so you have adjust input variables manually by an iterative process to fit your model to the data which takes more time than needed when working on a project that is intensive like my teams rocket build for a competition.

i love the idea of having my own server for all my collaboration because i like to be in control of my data. I learned this when i did my ccnp and rhct years ago so onlyoffice community edition just makes sense to me haha


Hello @Lt72884

Unfortunately, there is no alternative of such plugin in ONLYOFFICE Docs/Desktop Editors. We have the suggestion to implement plugin of this type into the Spreadsheet Editor registered in our internal tracking system but I cannot provide any approximate dates when it will be implemented yet.