Spreadsheet - pasting cells on multiple lines won't copy drop-down list properties

I have a file with cells with a drop-down lists set to control/help values inputs.
I want to copy / paste theses cells on several lines.
Expected : on all lines, I have the same drop down lists set on cells.
Actual result : only the first line gets the drop down lists :frowning:

The file:

Thanks for your analysis.

Hello @arcqus

We are analyzing this situation. Meanwhile, as an alternative solution you can drag down selected cells from the left corner of selected array of cells like that:
2024-01-11 15-06-40

As you can see, that way all drop-down lists remain in the cells.

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May I know the origin of this file, i.e. in which application it was initially created? Was it created and edited in our editors? I am asking because we have troubles checking the document in any other editor to verify consistency of this behavior - document either cannot be opened or behaves weirdly when working with it.

Hi Constantine
I’m 100% I created the file with OO.

I went a little further in my investigations, I started “from scratch” my creation process to try to identify a source to the bug.
The purpose of this file is to generate the menus of the school restaurant until the next holidays.
The general idea is to input the daily menus via drop-down lists and to get htlm code that I get in the L2 cell. I copy/paste the html code in an empty html file, and voila.
The way I create the file is:
0) I take the file from the previous school period (november/december)

  1. Is erase all the lines but the first (Line 5)
  2. In A5, I type the date of the first monday (08/01)
  3. I select cells from A5 to AS5 and I drag down selected cells on around 70 lines
  4. I remove lines related to dates to far in the futur
  5. I filter the lines with column B (keep lines containing only 3, 6, 7) and I delete these lines (to remove Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday as there is no school on these days)
  6. I unfilter to display the useful lines
    => This is at this time that the dropdown list vanish.
    So I guess the glitch happens on line deletion.

Thank you very much for additional information. I’d like to inform you that we registered a bug on this behavior.

Once again, thank you for reporting this issue.

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