Spreadsheet: open file at last position

A file is always opened with the cursor at some seemingly random cell, and the view on the screen is always of the top 30 lines or so.

Is it possible to have the file opened with exactly the last view?

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Hello @Klaas-Vaak

I have tested it just now on actual version of Desktop Editors and it always opens up a spreadsheet at the last saved position.

Please provide version of the app that you are using and OS of your system. In general, does it happen to any spreadsheet or a particular one?
Also, if possible, please record a video demo of the issue for better visual understanding.

With the last version on my win11 computer, I have the same issue (I don’t use the tab view but open each file in a separated view). Maybe it is the source of the issue ?
I think I opened a case a few months ago.

Thanks for testing and your feedback.
It happens with 1 particular workbook, which has 11 worksheets, of which the main one has 600 lines, whereas the others have a few lines each.

Every time I open that file the active cell is A454, I don’t know why because there is no unusual data in there.

I cannot make a demo nor send you a copy because there is sensitive data in it.

I am using OnlyOffice 7.4.1 and macOS 13.5.

I too came across similar issue issue, spreadsheet not opening at last saved position…

As per my testing if “Freeze Pane” option is used anywhere in the sheet then it always goes to the beginning of the file.

If freeze pane option is not used then it opens somewhere near at last saved position.

I have created a sample file plz check

Note: in this excel freeze pane option is enabled for 3rd row and added few dots and zeros in cell/row 120 & saved it here, but when you open it will show beginning of the file.
Then unfreeze pane, save and close the file and then reopen and check you will notice the difference.

Sample.xlsx (9.0 KB)

i am on Mac OS: Monterey 12.7
onlyoffice version used: 7.4.1

Thank you @MKVRC for valuable data.
@arcqus @Klaas-Vaak do you also have any frozen panes in your spreadsheets?

I’ve tested in separate window but it also opened the spreadsheet in its last saved position.

Are there any changes saved before you open the spreadsheet? I.e. you work in it, save those changes, then open it again and it loads on that particular cell, is that your scenario?

Yes, almost all y spreadsheets have frozen panes :slight_smile:

Hi Constantine,

you are welcome. Could you reproduce the issue with and without frozen pane at your end?

Yes, exactly.

Yes, I do, both horizontal and vertical.

I was able to reproduce it only with frozen panes. Seems to work correctly without them. We are checking this situation.

@Constantine unfreezing the panes does NOT solve it.
Recall: I am on macOS Ventura.

Update 2023-10-11: after restarting my computer, and with panes unfrozen, the file does open at the last position.

Thank you @Klaas-Vaak for the update.

@arcqus @MKVRC can you confirm that position is remembered correctly when there are no frozen panes in the spreadsheet?

@Constantine : like i mentioned earlier, with no frozen panes it opens somewhere near the last saved position but not exactly on same row or cell…

Hi all
I did a test this morning and recorded it.
Conclusion :

  1. without frozen panes, the last position is remembered ( I did not checked the precision).
  2. with frozen pane, the last position is not remembered.

Thank you @Klaas-Vaak @arcqus @MKVRC for confirmation of issue with frozen panes.
We are checking the situation.

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I’d like to inform you that we have registered the issue with last position and frozen panes as bug. Once again thank you for reporting it. We are already working on it.

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Thank you :pray:

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Thank you for the update

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