Spreadsheet function returning array

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I am trying to make the spreadsheet function UNIQUE work by implementing the example provided here : UNIQUE Function - ONLYOFFICE

Unfortunately, only the first value is returned in the cell (as shown in the screenshot)

If someone can provide a hint on what I am doing wrong that would be much appreciated


Hello @grsjst
Sorry for the late reply.
In this scenario you should use array formula + hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter key combination.
I prepared short video with demonstration: Monosnap

Also you can find useful information here: Insert array formulas - ONLYOFFICE

Dear Alexandre,

Many thanks for your response and taking the time to produce a video demonstration.

I did use the ctrl-shift-enter combination (also the first time) and it rightly includes the brackets. However, the result (still) is incorrect I am afraid. I made a video of my own that I am happy to share (it seems i am unable to upload it here).

I am using a mac (os 12.2.1) on chrome (99.0.4844.83 (Official Build) (x86_64).

The onlyoffice suite runs on the OnlyOffice Cloud (onlyoffice.eu)


Hello @grsjst
Please upload your video test to any external storage and provide us with a download link.

here you go: FileSender

Sorry, my advice wasn’t clear. Please check my test one more time. You should select a range of cells. There is no automatic display of function values in several cells in our editor. So, if one cell is selected, the first value is written into it only.

Thanks much Alexandre! I got it to work now.

Your instructions were clear in retrospect, i should have paid better attention. My apologies for that :slight_smile:

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So, the algorithm is

  • print the range
  • calculate manually how many unique values in that range
  • select this number of cells
  • CSE on UNIQUE()


Hello @SergeiStPete
Yes, it’s correct. You have to select a range of cells where the result will be written and after that hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter when you specified the formula. As far as I can see, the recorded test is still available in this thread: Monosnap