Spreadsheet - formula helper is only giving the pattern of the first formula in the cell

Hi all,

While I’m creating a formula, I expect the helping “bubble” to give me the pattern for the formula I’m currently typing (1) - here the YEAR() formula.
However, it displays the pattern of the first formula of the line (here, IF (2)).

If i’m right, can it be fixed ?
Thanks !

Hello @arcqus

I didn’t manage to reproduce the issue, most certainly some details are missing. What is the version of Desktop Editors? I see the language is French, did you also change Regional Settings?

If possible, please create a test spreadsheet with all your settings and an example of the formula so we can analyze it.

Hi Constantine,
My bad !
Actually, the bug is between the chair and the keyboard :slight_smile: .
There is a mistake in my formula : the closing quote is absent (on the screenshot), so for the editor, I’m not typing a “YEAR” function", I’m typing raw text, and I’m still in the “IF” formula.
Sorry !

As far as I understand, the situation is solved. I’m closing this thread. @arcqus If I’m not right, please contact me via PM to reopen this thread.