Spreadsheet error: #####

Hey there,

Onlyoffice spreadsheets work sound, just one issue has been apppearing lately. When using a formula sometimes ##### comes out instead of expressing a value. No error code or whatsoever is mentioned so I’m expecting the used formulas are right, what can explain the #####? See the attached example.
Screenshot from 2023-12-18 15-24-42

Thanks in advance

Hey @Angie :handshake:
Most likely, there’s not enough space to display the value in the cell.
Try expanding the column.

If this is a problem or you believe that the behavior you described is incorrect, please provide a detailed description or a screen recording. :upside_down_face:

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Mind is blown!! Haha that turned out super easy to fix, but wouldn’t have gotten there on my own!

Thanks a lot!

We’re glad to welcome every new user to the forum. So, feel free to ask questions or respond to others just like you do!