Spreadsheet editor

we use onlyoffice DocSpace and have a question about the spreadsheet editor.
We have imported Excel files with many tables there. Now we always want the most recent (left) table to be displayed in the standard (read and write) when we open the table. Unfortunately, some table is often called up, usually on the far right. In addition, we want a table sheet to always start at A1. Here, too, it always jumps to a certain position. Can this be changed permanently?
Many thanks for your help.
(Autmatically translated with deepl)

Hello @roniku

You can add a macro that sets specific sheet in the workbook as active when editor starts with method SetActive, for instance, like that:

var oSheet = Api.GetSheet("<sheet_name>");

To make macro run automatically when editor starts you have to set it to Autostart in Plugins > Macros window by pressing Autostart button when needed macro is selected. To the left of the name you will see that (A) is added which means that macro is on autostart.

When you open a file, editor always sets cursor to cell A1. Can you record a video demonstration of the behavior with cursor position that you are describing for better understanding?