Spreadsheet editor filter data drop down keyboard shortcut

I’ve gone through Sort and filter data - ONLYOFFICE and am interested in section “To apply a filter,” which talks about clicking on the drop down arrow to get a unique list which can then be used to select a value to limit data.

I prefer doing the operation using keyboard and am wondering if that’s not possible and what the keyboard shortcut is?

I’ve also gone through Keyboard Shortcuts - ONLYOFFICE and tried “Open drop-down list Alt+↓”, which brings up a cell completion based on column values.

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors ver.
Manjaro Linux 23.0.0

Appreciate the help.

Hello @wpkg

I’m afraid that currently there is no such shortcut available to open up filter menu.
Have you ever used such combination in any other editor? If possible, please provide us a reference.

Thank you for responding.

My frame of reference is MS Excel and Libreoffice Calc and in both of these applications the shortcut Alt+↓when used on a “heading” cell that contains filter applied on a range shows drop down containing unique list based on the column values.

In MS Excel, you can use Alt+↓ and then “e” to jump directly to search in filter drop down and in Libreoffice calc, using Alt+↓drops you directly into search of filter drop down.

This helps in quickly narrowing records which are of interest and navigating around spreadsheet without taking our hands off the keyboard. This is especially useful as we don’t need to

  1. Take one hand off the keyboard.
  2. Hit a tiny square at the end of a cell to bring a drop down.

Thank you for the detailed explanation.
We will take a closer look at it and I will provide a feedback afterwards.

The suggestion to make combination Alt+↓ being able to open a filter menu is registered as an enhancement. It will be added in one of the future releases of Desktop Editors.

Thank you for your interest in this feature.

Hello again @wpkg

This suggestion was implemented in the newly released version 7.5 of Desktop Editors. Please update your application and check situation.

We are looking forward to your feedback.

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Thanks Constantine. WOW you and your team are brilliant. Did a quick check of distro packages, flatpak and snap are currently on 7.4.1. From the download screen it looks like the debian/ubuntu and RHEL packages have 7.5. I’ll spin up a VM and check it out.

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I spun up a debian VM and installed latest version 7.5.0-127 by adding official repo recommended in the install guide. The feature works exactly as I expected, one thing did trip me up though.

On opening the drop down using alt + down arrow, the focus is on search field and we can type a term to search – exactly how I expected the feature to work. However, when I hit tab the focus switches to cells in the background instead of other parts of the drop down such as sort, number/text filter etc. Is that expected?

We are taking look at it. I will update the thread once any news come up.

I’d like to inform you that we have registered suggestion to make it possible to navigate through the menu with keyboard. Thank you for your interest in the product.

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Thank you for the amazing work you and the team do.