Spreadsheet - double click to change line height does not work in some case

In some case (I don’t understand which ones), the double click to change the height of a line doesn’t work:

The file :
bug line heigh.xlsx (7.9 KB)

Is it a bug ?
Thanks !

Hello @arcqus
We are checking the situation. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

And at least, even after installing 7.4.1, I still have the issue :slight_smile:

Hello @arcqus
The described behavior is expected if you manually changed the line height before running the test. I believe there’s no issue.

Ok, so this is a feature :slight_smile:
I don’t really like it (because even if in the past I changed the height of the line, why couldn’t I resize it via the most efficient way (ei double click the line) later ?).
But I’m no UI expert.

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Let’s keep this thread open. If there’re new requests on this behavior, we will discuss it internally one more time. This is expected behavior for now and I’m not sure that there’s point to change it.

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Hi Alexandre
On the video above, you can see what is, according to me, not the right behaviour.
In a new spreadsheet:

  • past a long text in a cell
  • select the formatting option “automatic line return”
  • change the width of the column
  • double-clic the bottom of the line
    The line’s height is not automatically changed to fit the height of the text.

hey @arcqus
I’ll take the initiative from Alexander in this topic. :upside_down_face:

I agree, I think the behavior should be the same as when double-clicking a cell.
I’ll forward this case to my colleagues. I will let you know when I get something. :handshake:

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I second this.

hi @Klaas-Vaak :wave:
Are you talking about this video?

Hi @Nikolas, thanks for asking.

As yet I have not experienced this issue, but I do from time to time resize the line height or column width the same way arcqus does, so I would like that operation to be bug free.

What I meant by my comment is that I support arcqus when they say:

as from the conversation it seems to me it is not entirely clear if it is a bug or not.

We’re aware of the issue and have added the information to bug (The row height is not automatically selected after changing the column width, if a Wrap text is applied to the cell).

The problem will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases, but unfortunately, I can’t provide you with an exact timeline at the moment.
(not 7.5.0)

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Thank you for your feedback.