Spreadsheet: date rendered incorrectly

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Sorry, I cannot seem to navigate the details required for posting a bug. Here’s the issue:

Open a spreadsheet in DesktopEditors. Pick a cell and format for Date - Apr 06. Now type 4/x, with x being any date in April. It comes up as Apr 23. That goes for other months, too. I have not checked ALL of the date formats, but it’s a bug for several of them, not just the “Apr 06” format.

I discovered this bug on 2023 March 21. I had no problem prior to then. I use OO on Fedora 37 Linux, Mac, Windows, and it’s in all of them with OO version 7.3+.

Hello @davidd

Could you please provide a video demonstration of the issue from the very beginning?
Note that the output format of date also depends on the Regional Settings of your app. You can find them in File tab > Advanced Settings > Regional Settings > Region.

I learned today to produce a screen video in macOS for this purpose; however, the Quick Time video format is not the format that the forum requires, so I cannot upload it. Are the steps I outlined above not clear? Regional settings are correct. I know this is an odd issue, but for the life of me I cannot determine why specific, selected formats – as best I can tell, they involve the name of the month – yield 23 as the day rather than the day entered: 3/10 becomes 23 March or Mar 23, etc. I first noticed the issue on March 21, so the yield of today’s date is only a coincidence. The same holds for the month of April and May and probably any other month: 5/10 will be rendered as 23 May. The problem exists across 4 different machines running the latest OO on the platforms stated in my original post. What I have done is to open the file where the data is important in LibreOffice Calc, entered the dates (“Mar 10”), saved the sheet as .xlsx, and opened in OO. They are correct after going through that process.

Please pay attention that in the list of the date formats the same date is used (which is 15th of April 2006). So for the format Apr 06 a month and a year are used.
Considering that, the described behavior is correct. I’ve prepared a reference demonstration:
2023-03-23 17-34-26
As you can see upon inserting the incomplete date, e.g. 4/10 as you provided that is missing a year, it adds 23 as the current year since Apr 06 format is for a month and a year. When complete date is inserted, it actually displays the proper year.

I understand. Thank you. In LibreOffice, which I used for years before trying OO, the format is given as “Dec 31” and yields the month and day, which is what I prefer. So “Apr 06” looked as though it should do the same in OO. Now I understand that the OO format is month and year. Thank you for bearing with me through the confusion.

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