Spreadsheet custom number format 1,20,45,346.22

I recently started using OnlyOffice and it is shaping up to be a worthy alternative to Microsoft Office. I want to quickly deploy this to my small business and reduce our reliance on MS Office.

The only thing stopping us is using custom number formats. In Excel we use a formula to put the comma in Indian stlye instead of millions.

For example, [>=10000000]##,##,##,##0.00;[>=100000]##,##,##0.00;##,##0.00 formats the number as 1,20,45,346.22 but in OnlyOffice it is formatted as 12,045,346.22 (millions),

How do I get the excel number format to work?

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Hi @kraz_455 :wave:t3:

Can I ask you to send a file with an example?
Let’s see what we can do about it.
This is the first time I’ve encountered this :roll_eyes:


Can I ask you to send a file with an example? :slightly_smiling_face:


You don’t need a sample file. You can do it on any blank file and put the custom number format and see that it will not format the number.

Can you at least take a couple of screenshots?
I cannot seem to pinpoint the problem.