Spreadsheet always shows empty comment boxes

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This is a problem that I noted both in the desktop editors and the online (browser) editors.

If I open a spreadsheet I get these empty comment boxes blocking everything. They can be moved but for some reason they don’t even show the comment content.

Hello @Keep4758

May I ask you to provide original file for analysis? By the way, in which app this file was created initially?

file.xlsx (12.0 KB)

Ok I have attached an example sheet where I have one of these empty comment boxes. I’m not sure what app was used originally, but I edit the same files with Onlyoffice on Linux/web and Excel on Windows.

Thanks. Indeed, a box exists in attached file but there are no comments. Can you reproduce this issue in empty new file?

No I haven’t been able to reproduce it deliberately but I noticed it in multiple files over time. I think this might be a result of working in a file in both OnlyOffice and Excel - although Excel won’t show these empty boxes.

I’ve checked several apps and everywhere this box exists. Can you please specify version of your Excel where this box is not shown? Would be nice to have a comparison screenshot from it too.

Hi, you are right. They are also present in Excel. It’s very weird because I have no idea what caused these boxes but they’re actually part of the document now. I think I first noticed them in OnlyOffice but I’m not able to say when they appeared or why.

I think I’ll just manually remove those boxes and see if they come back. But thank you for you help anyway!

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If you manage to find a way to make these boxes appear forcefully when working on Desktop Editors please let us know, we will gladly analyze the situation.

I have an update: we have received several more reports of this issue and it is currently being analyzed. I will provide an update as soon as we get any results.

After running some tests with your file we found out that it is displayed correctly even though it has certain similarity with other reports (e.g. this one). I’m afraid we are getting back to this:

Sorry for the inconvenience.