Spreadsheet: "All pages" footer info not applied on all pages when exporting a PDF

Aloha everyone…

I wonder if I misunderstood something, or if this is a bug:

I have a spreadsheet with multiple sheets that I edit online (German version).

I would like to export the entire document as a PDF with the “sheet” (register) name added to the footer of each page.

Under “Layout > Header & Footer” the “All pages” tab is active and I add the “&[Registerkarte]” tag to show the name of the sheet.

But when exporting the PDF only the first page (with the first sheet) has the sheet name, all subsequent pages (sheets) are missing the name in the footer.

Is this normal?

As a workaround I opened the print dialogue CMD + P, and I had to set the “&[Registerkarte]” tag on each sheet, and then it was working.

Document Server version: I’m using it as part of Infomaniak’s Cloud Server.
OS: Mac Os 14.5 (23F79)
Browser version: Firefox 127.0.2 (64-bit)

Thanks for any hint!

Hello @the-beat

Page is a unit inside a sheet that defines certain area, i.e. when there is a lot of data inside a single sheet, it will be separated into several pages when printing - you check it out by using View > Page Break Preview, for instance.

So in this case, you have to configure footer for each sheet separately.