Spelling mistakes in dialog box

Hi. When opening a file (it didn’t open), I got this:

“File (xxx) can not be open or not exist.”

That should read “File (xxx) cannot be opened or does not exist.”

Hello adamnorman.
I tried to reproduce the situation but failed. My steps: create a local file on the desktop > open it and close via Desktop editors > remove the file > try to open via Recent files menu.
But I faced this message:

Please describe your steps to reproduce the situation.
P.S. I tested it on Desktop editors v. 6.3.1

Good morning, and thank you for responding.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t more clear. I found this error in the spreadsheet program, in 6.3.1.

I tried to open a file that I downloaded from Blackboard (a learning management system). BB does many dumb things, including appending a .xls extension to the file to force it to open in Excel, even though the files are actually formatted with comma separated or tab delimited. (Sorry, perhaps this is too much information.)

When I try to open it in Only Office Desktop for Mac, I get the error, which I have reproduced below.

Hello adamnorman.

Thank you for the detailed description. We double checked the situation and we agree that there’s spelling mistake (bug number - 52577). We are going to fix it.

Thank you for pointing us to it!