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Spell check does not work for OnlyOffice docs 7.1 in Spanish language

I am testing OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 7.1 in Spanish. I found a problem in the OnlyOffice Spanish Text Document Editor. When I write text in Spanish, I test the program and I type words that contain misspellings errors expecting the application to mark those incorrect words with a red underline. That’s where the failure occurs. The misspelled words in Spanish are not underlined with red color and so clicking with the right mouse button on those misspelled words I could find options to correct them but OnlyOffice 7.1 is flawed in this item.
OnlyOffice should have a solution for this bug including the use of all Spanish keyboards, not only for Spain but also the Spanish keyboards for Latin America as LibreOffice does in Spanish.
In OnlyOffice 7.0 a ticket or requirement 31412 was created because the spelling correction for the Spanish version was working with many limitations. Later they reported that this issue had been resolved but that is not true. In OnlyOffice 7.1 in Spanish not only the problem was not corrected but the solution disappeared completely and users are forced to stop using OnlyOffice 7.X in Spanish and migrate to LibreOffice 7.3 in Spanish.

OS version: Windows 10 (64 bits) in Spanish.
App version: Text Document Editor in Spanish
Keyboard Layout: Spanish - Colombia.
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website.

Hello @Albaco69

Please make sure that you performed the following actions:

  • Selected the language Español (España, alfabetización internacional)
  • Activated the spell checking option (File > Advanced Settings > tick Spell Checking)

If it doesn’t help, please send us

  • the screenshot of the Advanced Settings where the Spell Checking option is activated
  • the screenshot that shows how a misspelled word looks like in your document.