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Space before apostrophe in french language

Hi all !

Report a bug.

With :

  • OnlyOffice Desktop v7.0.1.37
  • Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website
  • French Language selected for documents
  • Occurs only in Document, not in Spreadsheet or Presentation
  • Qwerty International US keyboard map (important, I suppose)
  • Windows 10

When typing an apostrophe in text, an extra space is added before the apostrophe !
ex : wanted “j’ai vu” but makes “j 'ai vu”.

It’s not correct in french language : no space before or after an apostrophe is allowed.

A qwerty US international keyboard makes you press ’ key (dead key) then SPACE key in order to obtain an apostrophe.
As I said, only occurs with typing text in Document. No problem with typing in Presentation or SpreadSheet.

Hello @emaen
We are trying to reproduce the issue, but without success at the moment. Could you please record a videofile with your test?
Also please clarify what you mean by ‘Qwerty International US keyboard map’

Hello Alexandre !

Sorry for this late answer, it was the necessary time for me to make a short video.

I use a Qwerty keyboard, but I am French, so I use ‘‘US International’’ map in order to be able to have accented letters.

Here is the video :

Thank you for the videofile. We are checking the situation.

Hello @emaen
We reproduced the issue and we added a bug to internal tracklist (internal number - 56308). we have started working on it.

Hey, I am literally currently doing an exam, and this is REALLY annoying. I wouldn’t think it’s too much of a hastle to fix. But when I’m writting a 1000 word document, it gets really, really tedious to always go back and remove the blank spaces.
It’s not even just the French language, technically when I type “it’s” and “isn’t”. My quotation marks have the same problem too, they have spaces before.
My keyboard is United States-International, as it supports accents and the default US keyboard layout.
To makes apostrophes and quotations, I have to press the key and then press space so it simply puts the character, otherwise I can do apostrophe+e and it does my “é”, same for quotation+e = ë, and so on.

Thanks in advance. - A student that loves your program!

Hello @liperium
We have added your request to mentioned bug (56308). We are still working on it. I’ll update this thread when we have any news.