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(solved) Strange problem with email capture

Control Panel version: 3.0.389
Community Server: 11.6.1035
Type of installation of Workspace: Windows 2019
Browser version: Chrome

I’ve been having trouble writing emails for about a week.
when I write a reply or a new mail, I suddenly get a message “timeout expected”, the system saves a version in drafts. If I don’t turn off the window for a few minutes, the system saves several versions in draft. Also, when I log into e-mail, it says “secure connection” in the browser. In few minutes suddenly connection is “insecure”. Refresh Brouser says “secure connection” again Can someone help me? I use email as the default on Onlyoffice and it bothers me every time I turn on another mail app to write a message.
Thanks in advance.

Neue Nachricht - E-Mail - REKO BIOENERGIE GMBH 2022-05-10 09-47-15

The problem is due to browser (Chrome version 101.0.4951.54) and switch to “unsafe site”. With Safari or other browser everything runs perfectly.