Smooth scrolling

I know this has been mentioned before and logged (18248) but it has been over a year since it was last mentioned as far as I can tell…so, will smooth scrolling be added soon?

Not so much in documents, but in spreadsheets it is a nightmare. I love OnlyOffice but the way spreadsheets scrolls is really bad. On my Macbook, as I use the track pad to move up and down my spreadsheets, the cells jump all over the place - it is just too sensitive.

I am sure there are hundreds of users who would welcome an improvement.


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Hello @StevieW
Please accept our apologies for the length of the situation. We are still working on the mentioned bug. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

I guess there is no news on this?

I really hope it can be sorted soon, it is so frustrating not to be able to slow the scroll speed down and make the screen move smoothly.

I only have to move my fingers slightly on the Macbook track pad and the spreadsheet moves way to fast.


Unfortunately, there’s no news at the moment. We are still working on it and we will update this thread when we have something to share.

Okay, thanks for the reply.

I too see the same problem. The issue becomes more obvious when scrolling the document in a mobile browser. It seems the view loads the page one by one with latency. Any suggestion on how to fix it? I would like to try to fix it myself instead of waiting for OnlyOffice’s fix. Thank you.

I have not found a way around it. Drives me mad the way the spreadsheet moves so quickly. I wouldn’t mind if it did it just vertically, but it does it sideways as well so as you try to scroll it moves all over the place.

It was originally reported over a year ago and has still not been fixed so I wouldn’t hold your breath!

It’s a great shame that I am not getting anywhere with this issue. Even a “we don’t have this issue on our MacBooks” would be nice. However, it seems to be an issue which has been going on for sometime.

I tried contacting support to report the bug, but they said I had to post on this forum as they don’t offer support on the free version. I am not sure if I actually want any support, just a yes it’s a bug, or no it’s not.

The scrolling seems to move based on the width of a column. If the columns are narrow it is more or less okay, but if you have wide columns then the spreadsheet jumps across horizontally very quickly.

I know this has been mentioned before and logged (18248) and reported as fixed. There is also a page here which has some script to solve the problem but I have no idea how to implement it:

Oh well…onwards and downwards.

Dear @StevieW
Please accept our apologies for this situation.
We are actively working on the mentioned situation. I understand that these are not the words you expected to hear, but I assure you that we are working hard to resolve it as soon as possible.
As for the provided link, it’s related to different already fixed situation on Document server.

Hello @michael.gao
We added your feedback on this situation. We will update this thread once we release a fix for it.

Hi…okay thanks for the update, I appreciate your time.

Kid regards

Hi Alexandre, thanks for the reply. Is there an estimate when the mentioned issue may get fixed? I don’t expect the fix to be quick, but please give an estimate. Btw, I found the OnlyOffice mobile app can scroll the document much more smooth than that in a browser. Any clue or suggestion on that? Thank you.

Hi…I just wanted to clarify that my issue is with the Desktop App for Macbook.


Sure, thanks. Do you see the similar issue using a desktop browser?

To be honest, I am not sure what the desktop browser version is…I presume this is for accessing data online via something like Safari which I don’t do. It is something I have never looked into.

I purchased the MacBook App and then save documents to iCloud.

Kind regards.

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Hello @michael.gao
I have written reply in another topic: Uncomfortable with the touchpad - #11 by Alexandre
Please do not confuse different apps or scenarios, if you are using mobile app, we have to know the exact scenario to check it out. As for the bug, mentioned in this thread, unfortunately we don’t have ETA, because work is in progress at the moment.

Hello @StevieW

I purchased the MacBook App and then save documents to iCloud.

I’m a little bit confused. Desktop Editors is totally free product on all platforms. Please clarify this point and let us know your Desktop Editors version.

Hi… Sorry, that was entirely my fault, I did not purchase the software I just downloaded the free version.

Also, I have emailed support direct about this issue and Alexander (might be you although name is spelt differently at the end) replied:

"Your request (55982) has been updated.
This is a bug and it is opened, we detected the reason of the issue, but cannot fix it at the moment, as it requires almost full rework of scroll functioning. The bug has a major status which means that we constantly work on it to release the solution as soon as possible.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this causes."

So from my point of view I am quite happy that it is a known issue and if michael.gao is happy we could close the thread.

Thanks as always for your time.