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Slow Desktop Editor

I have an Only Office Desktop Editor installation (7.0.1) inside Nextcloud (Nextcloud Hub 3 / 25.0.1) and a ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition docker container. The Browser is 107.0.5304.110 (64-Bit) running uner Linux.
Since the last update of the Desktop Editor, everything is really slow. A look at the performace minitor shows (see screenshot below) that every hit in the keyboard triggers an ‘Animation Frame Fired’ event which takes around 600ms. Is this a known issue and/or is there something, I can do to speed things up again?

I can only tell you that I feel with you. The Desktop Editor under Linux feels super slow. Especially when saving a document. Takes at least 10sec for me each time.
Using Desktop Editor with cloud (Nextcloud 23).

Out of curiosity what management software for your server are you using? The performance monitor looks great.


Hello @holgerde

Could you a bit more information:

  • what is the Docs Community Edition version?
  • the provided screenshot is the reference for which version Desktop Editor? Is it stated 7.0.1 or the latest one after the update?
  • which of the apps is integrated with Nextcloud?

Note that the actual version of Desktop Editors is 7.2.1.
Waiting for your reply.

Hi @Constantine, the screenshot is from 7.0.1 and this is - at least to my knowledge - the most recent version for Nextcloud. So I guess I’m not able to upgrade further.
How can I find the version of the Docs Community Edition? The docker container has the name: beautiful_bhaskara. Does this help?
What I additionally found out is that the performance is so bad especially under Chrome.
Best Holger

This are simply the developer tools under chrome :wink:

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I do not understand what do you mean by “the most recent version for Nextcloud”. Currently, the most recent version of Desktop Editors is 7.2.1 and it is compatible with Nextcloud.
Please update your version of Desktop Editors and check out the situation.

To get version info about the product please execute next command:
docker exec -it <containder_ID> apt list --installed | grep onlyoffice
where <containter_ID> is the name of the Docker container with ONLYOFFICE Docs.

Hey Constantine,
this is the version inside the docker is: onlyoffice-documentserver/now 7.2.1-34 amd64

Regarding Nextcloud and Onlyoffice: Ascensio System SIA provides an OnlyOffice Application for Nextcloud (called Onlyoffice Connector) see:

The latest application version is 7.6.8 for the latest production version for nextcloud: 25.
Both are installed at my side. Inside this Connecto there is the version I mentioned.
So I don’t see an easy way to upgrade - do you agree?


I don’t understand, so you have Desktop Editors or Nextcloud Connector installed or both? Those a different products. The Desktop Editors is stand-alone app:
Can you share a screenshot of the Nextcloud’s Active apps tab so we can see the version of the ONLYOFFICE Connector? Also share Desktop Editor About tab screenshot.

I’m pretty sure, the document editor is inside the connector - otherwise it would not work - right?

Here is the version of the connector:

(As I’m not allowed to have two embedded pictures in one post, I have to post the second scrrenshots in a different message…)

And here’s the verson of the editor:


Thanks for provided screenshots.

It is not true, you have Document Server installed with docker on the server and an instance of Nextcloud. The Connector app does not contain editors, it serves as a bridge between your Document Server and Nextcloud to make them reach one to the other. Some kind of adapter you may say.

So the question is how do you connect to the Nextcloud: via browser or via Desktop Editor?

Ok, I give up on that. I will try the Nextcloud Office solution. If you are still interested in solving the problem you have all the information needed. Maybe at least others will still benefit from the error message.