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Single Sign on @Android App

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Our IT system provides only WebSSO. How can I connect my mobile phone to our system?

Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s
OS version: MIUI 12.5.1
App version: 5.2.1 build 307
Mode: Connect to Cloud / SSO


To sign in to your portal:

  1. tap ONLYOFFICE option to open the Connect ONLYOFFICE cloud panel.
  2. on the PORTAL tab, enter your existing portal address ( and tap NEXT,
  3. enter your email address and password you use to access your portal,
  4. tap the SIGN IN button.

All the instructions can be found in the Help Center.

Best regards,

Hi Andrew, thanks for your response.
The problem is the following:
we only have the possibility to login via WebSSO.


in the browser, we can just login with the upper button (WebSSO). We don’t have an email to login. by clicking on it we are getting redirected to the WebSSO Login Service from our provider.
I hope you understand my problem.

Thanks Fisher

Hello Fisher,
You can connect your Documents app to the portal and there you will also see a Single Sign-On button. Upon clicking it, you will be redirected to your IdP page.

Hello Carl,

i can’t find the SSO button in the app. Can you help me please?

Thanks in advcance! Fisher

Please try reinstalling the app. The interface might be cached so the button is not displayed.

i’ve tried this multiple times already, also with and without the dark mode enabled or not… there’s always no SSO button like in the screenshot.

i’ve just enabled the layout borders and made a screenshot, even there is no button to find.

This is how the login screen looks like on our test portal with SSO enabled. Could you please specify the URL of your portal?

Hey Carl,

alright. The URL is

Thank you. Please go to Community Server container => open the config /var/www/onlyoffice/web.appsettings.config and send me the values of the parameters


and core.base-domain

Hi Carl, unfortunately I am not from the IT department, but I’ve sent them an email with this topic.
Thanks for your work

OK, also please ask them to send the content of tenants_quota table from onlyoffice database in MySQL.

I’ve sent them this topic, and i hope they’ll text these informations to you.
Cheers :v: