Single icon for spreadsheet in taskbar

Dear community,

I would like to have a single icon for spreadsheet in taskbar instead of the main icon for desktop editors.
Is there a simple way to get this done?


Some times ago, I raised the same question for each app.
OO staff answered they where going to study the question.

I managed to achieve a result, but I would not say that it was “simple”.


My Taskbar is docked to the left edge, that’s why it is vertical…

But to do it;

  • I had to create a new copy of the shortcut to OnlyOffice in the Start menu.
  • Add the switch “–new:cell” to the new shortcut’s Target.
  • I changed to Icon to OnlyOffice’s spreadsheet from within OO’s executable.
  • Unpin the OO icon from the Taskbar
  • Pin new shortcut to the Taskbar with the right-click context menu option

As far as I can determine, only shortcuts in the start menu can be pinned to the Taskbar, and no duplicate applications can be pinned, so the spreadsheet version would have replace the main icon.

Even when the spreadsheet shortcut is in the start menu, it is not visible, except via Windows explorer.

Creating the shortcut in the start menu also raised security flags from window’s account controls, so alerts to be acknowledged will happen on every step.

One could just create a shortcut with the switch, and put it on the desktop.

Hello @StefanA @arcqus and @DavidRGreen
Indeed, we are still working on the mentioned suggestion (separate editors for docx, pptx, xlsx). I have added your request to tracksystem. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with any timeframes at the moment, but I will update this thread when we have something to share.

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